To Dare to Dream: Castles in the Sky

The tale of SeymourPowell’s Hydrogen Airship.

As I sit listening to the Biography Channels piece on H.G. Wells I came upon a fun article about the rebirth of hydrogen powered airships.  Samsung Corporation and London architectural design firm SeymourPowell created a video to share the vision of a floating hotel concept.

To Dare

This was picked up by many including CNN.  What is sad about the whole story is how many are concerned with the reality of the concept video or if CNN didn’t do their homework.  CNN is clear that the video is a concept proposal not an actual project.

While the Aircruise is only a conceptual proposal, designers have developed a detailed and achievable technical plan for the craft that could allow it to be built in the future. (via CNN )

That misses the point of the whole exercise which is to dream.

To Dream

I’m overjoyed that so many would allow themselves to share in the dream.  To consider what life would be like if we could have floating structures in the sky.  “Castles in the sky may soon be real” is a great article playing in the possibilities and implications.

It is also important to be aware of the concerns in dreaming to help guard from harm.  Asking constructive questions are important.  Like exploring the FAA restrictions on using Hydrogen as a lifting gas in air travel and the obvious aerodynamic complications in the design plus the docking difficulties.  These things are mere points for discussion to possibly come up with a better design.

Being contrary to the tech or position is fine.  To attack or dismiss the conversation is not.  The most important thing is the dream and the conversation about the dream.  That is how we evolve and move forward.

Like H.G. Wells we need to dare to dream to challenge our current existence and to dream of a better future.