I, Frankenstein What Will The Movie Promise

Kevin Grevioux’s I, Frankenstein a Darkstorm Studios graphic novel will be made into a movie.  Production will begin in July of 2010 and Patrick Tatopoulos production designer from Underworld is attached to direct.

They described the movie as:

I, FRANKENSTEIN is a contemporary fantasy thriller in which the original monster of Victor Frankenstein stands between the human race and an uprising of supernatural creatures determined to overthrow the world.

This comes across to me as another monster turned savior tale like Hellboy.  It does not make it a bad sounding or good sounding movie.  What are the connections to Frankenstein and the mythical implications brought forth in the original tale?

Is I, Frankenstein just associated to it’s name sake as a patchwork man that Victor puts together to help save us?  Should we expect Frankenstein to ponder it’s existence and the reasoning behind why it was created?

That aside, I’m excited about the visual promise that is given to us with Patrick Tatopoulous involvement in the project.  He has demonstrated success in translating the gothic aesthetic in movies with his work on Underworld and gives me hope that the visuals will be awesome.

(via /Film)

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