Sanctuary’s Artful Moment of Kali

There are so many great moments in Sanctuary’s season two finale but the representation of the 4 armed Kali is breathtaking.  The scene is when Will visits with Kali in the temple.  She is sitting in the bath with two arms above the water and using the reflection in the water to make two more arms appear on her.  It’s an amazing artful way to represent the 4 armed Kali without breaking the immaculate reality of the setting.

Removing of Maya

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The symbolism put into this scene is also brilliant.  Having a naked Kali symbolizes her as beyond the covering of Maya, the illusions that is the reality around us.  Having her bring Will into the same state symbolizes how he is moving beyond all of the illusions surrounding the struggle of the current situation and danger.  This is also the scene where Will learns / realizes how to get Kali’s control away from those who would use her to destroy everything.

Divine Knowledge vs. Human Ego

The four armed Kali is also significant in the scene.  The four arms represent: Divine Knowledge, Human Ego, Fearlessness and Blessing.

Divine Knowledge and Human Ego are in conflict.  Human Ego must be slain in order to gain freedom from the cycle of life and death.  This is the struggle that is going on between Will who represents Knowledge, soon to be Divine Knowledge after Maya is removed and Edward Forsythe who represents Human Ego.

Kali’s Other Forms

It will be fun to see how they resolve Kali’s rage when season three of Sanctuary starts up.

In the season two finale we get to start with a Mahakali where kali is a great being content to be left alone.  After agitation we get to meet Dakasinakali.  It is the destructive face of Kali.  The one who dances with a destructive frenzy which we see in the wave unleashed upon the earth.

In season three I wonder if we will get to see the story of the Maternal Kali play out.  This is where the infant Shiva goes onto the battlefield and cries.  Dakasinakali sees his need and ceases her dance of destruction to take care of the helpless infant.  This would be Will in danger from the wave crying out in need calming Kali and getting her nurturing side to come through.

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