Breathe You In Vid

James Spader as Daniel Jackson in Stargate Image via WikipFandom: Stargate SG-1

Music: Familiar Taste Of Poison by Halestorm

Pairing: Jack/Daniel

Warnings: steaminess/sensuality, men being sweet on each other, mature content, angst, some dickery

Summary: Jack is more disturbed than he lets on about how Daniel always seems to find admirers in the worst situations, and in the middle of  a conversation he finds he cant hold his tongue. He lashes out, despite the fact that this time, Daniel was under the influence of an alien device.

Daniel tries to explain, but Jack doesn't want to hear any more excuses - his pride and his fear that he's is too old /Daniel doesn't really want him choke any kindness down.

They separate, Daniel moves back into his old apartment, and in day to day life, they try to act as though nothing is amiss.

However, neither can stop thinking of the other, or of how desperately they miss each other, and their thoughts always go to the one time they were able to take advantage of downtime to actually be together.

Watch for the rest!smile

Watch the vid here:  Breathe You In by Holdt

Get your copy of the song here:  Familiar Taste Of Poison by Halestorm

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