The Empire Changes Strategy: Star Wars The Old Republic Timeline

The Empire Changes Strategy in 3667 BBY.  Ruthless machinations of Imperial Intelligence led not only to the return of the Mandalorians to the galaxy but also their alliance with the Sith was no coincidence.

Frustrated by a series of Republic military victories, the Empire began exploring alternative strategies in its drive to conquer the galaxy. Despite the tantalizing offers of Imperial Diplomats, members of the galaxys notorious underworld refused to swear allegiance to the Sith Empire. Thus, Imperial Intelligence began laying the groundwork to win the underworlds loyalty through other means. Infiltrating the gladiatorial arenas of Geonosis, Imperial agents fixed the fights to cultivate the rise of a new Mandalore—an Imperial puppet who would call forth some of the galaxys most proud and independent warriors to unknowingly aid in the Empires dark designs.

In this fourth holorecord entry, Master Gnost-Dural has delves into the ruthless machinations of Imperial Intelligence that brought about the return of the Mandalorians and their opposition to the Republic.  Watch the video below.


The fixing of the games on Geonosis


The New Mandalore


Isn't it interesting how the replacement Mandalore has a similar costume style to that of the latter imperial guard.  Does that support the puppet placement or mere inspiration for a historian buff and Sith Lord Emperor Palpatine?