TRON: LEGACY Daft Punk's "Derezzed" Video

Disney released a promotional video for Tron: Legacy featuring Daft Punk's Derezzed song.  I want to love this movie so the video did excite me but why?


Thinking about it more taking off the "Tron is awesome glasses" there are some of the usual Hollywood trappings that are overplayed and negatives for most films.

The Music:

Daft Punk is a fun band.  I think this video is more of an injustice to them.  Why wouldn't the mouse just allow them to do more of a vid to one of their songs giving daft punk a pile of clips to use rather then making a more hollywood standard trailer that does little to feature the music.

Lens Flare:

Obnoxious in most cases.  Occurs naturally but when done in most cases does not help to create immaculate reality.   Why would it occur in a game that is supposed to be programmed so well?  How would it help with sustaining the immaculate reality?

The Look:

I'm conflicted still.  One thing the original Tron had that made it so awesome was the look and feel of the movie.  This one feels faked imposed over actors I hope this is just due to not seeing everything in full context.  I want to say it is awesome but then it's early to pass judgement  seeing as I'm not watching the full production quality big screen images but rather smaller lower quality clips.

What are your feelings about the new Tron after watching this promotional video?