Star Wars The Old Republic Timeline: The Treaty of Coruscant

In the years following the treaty, the Jedi Council tasked Master Gnost-Dural, Keeper of the Jedi Archives, with re-examining the galaxy's history in light of recent events. In his insightful reports, Master Gnost-Dural established a new galactic timeline that became an educational reference for years to come the very same years in which Star Wars: The Old Republic takes place.

In his first entry, Master Gnost-Dural recounts the events immediately prior to the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant the turning point in the Republics recent history.

The first in a series of video entries giving the back story for the new Star Wars MMORPG The Old Republic.  Watch the video below.


The Treaty of Coruscant 3653 BBY

  • After decades of war peace was desired between the Sith Empire and The Republic

  • The Sith Emperor set up a plan: offer peace summit on Alderaan.  While the republic is distracted sack Coruscant.

  • Sacking of Coruscant: was a success destroying the Jedi temple, forcing a treaty on the Sith's terms, generating galactic wide resentment toward the Jedi and split the galaxy consolidating the Sith Empire's power.

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Treaty Termsstar-wars-ktor-treaty-of-coruscant

  • Great Galactic War comes to an end

  • The Sith Empire ends its occupation of Coruscant

  • Galactic Republic forced to abandon long-time allies and many outlying systems to the Sith Empire

  • Republic forces are forced to withdraw from battlefronts by an explicit deadline; if that deadline is not met Imperial forces are authorized to resume hostile actions

  • Republic representatives are to be shadowed by Imperial protocol droids to ensure their behavior is in accordance with the guidelines of the treaty

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG is set during the Old Republic era (25,053 – 1,000 BBY).  It is a unique time period in the galaxys history. Decades of war concluded with the Sith Empire sacking the Republics capital planet, Coruscant, and forcing Republic Senators and the Jedi Council to agree to a painful peace treaty.