Making Batman 3 Better Then The Dark Knight

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Blaster asks “How can Batman 3 possibly top The Dark Knight?”

It’s simple, end the movie twenty minutes early.

They could use the Harvey Dent story arc in Batman 3 to possibly top The Dark Knight.  But wait they already spent that story by packing in too many villains into one movie.

As a fan of superheroes I understand the plight of a character.  Forgiving them after they make a tragic decision.  Watching them grow and learn from the experience.  Celebrating their triumph as they overcome the challenge when it comes around again.

This is why what the studios are doing to Spiderman and to Batman makes it harder to forgive.  To pack the movie full of villains in Batman Forever and ruin the movie was a tragic mistake.  When the chance came around to rise above they did a serious injustice to Spiderman 3.  This was repeated in The Dark Knight but it gets worse.

So now they are contemplating cramming in multiple villains for Batman 3.

How could Batman 3 top The Dark Knight?

  • Tell a good story.  This includes remembering it’s Detective Comics not Action Comics.

  • Don’t be an origin story

  • Keep it simple, one good villain.  If you want more they are called henchmen.

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