Underworld 7 Days To The Wolves Fan Video

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Thanks to John The Rogue Demon Hunter from the community at Project: Shadow.  This amazing fan video uses 7 Days to the Wolves Nightwish - Dark Passion Play - 7 Days to the Wolves by Nightwish as the soundtrack and footage from the three Underworld movies.

I love how the entire video is like a meta contemplation by Selene about the days to come in the war with the Lycans and the causes behind the conflict that started the war in the first place.

The opening was nice.  I particularly liked the use of the text "Underworld" to help give context for those not familiar with the movies.

I really enjoyed that he features the love story that underpins the conflict both in the past and what fuels the present conflict.

Featuring Vincent is also a nice touch since he is the antagonist throughout.

Overall what a great job and a beautiful homage to the Underworld story and Nightwish.

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