The Mouse eats Marvel: $4B Meal

Marvel Comics
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I sat on this for a couple days trying to figure out what to make of the news:

Disney announced today that it is acquiring superhero factory Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion in cash and stock. The move gives the mouse house ownership of more than 5,000 Marvel characters (New TeeVee)

To sigh, cry, or walk away?

I am not a fan of Disney, and I haven't been for quite some time.  Over the last 10 years, the company focused a race to the bottom rather than on the quality of their works.  Meet the Robinsons is probably the only film they have made in a long time that lives up to the old Disney ideals.

I am really concerned about how this will affect Marvel.

This can only be a good thing for people who just want to see more content come out with no eye to quality.

What to expect?

  • More pointless sequels

  • Further watering down of Marvel content

  • Cuddly cartoons merchandised even more than they are now

  • Rise of Marvel Animation and Live Action

  • End of the the Comic Books

I know that last one will be controversial, but I will be surprised if Marvel's comic books will make enough money to make Disney happy without drastic changes.

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