NJ Writers Society Writers Conference

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The NJ Writers Society are putting on a weekend convention for writers, aspiring writers and those curious about writing.  This is a great opportunity not only to improve the art of writing but there are also panels covering the other important part of writing, making a living at it.  I really like the Sunday workshop which will take aspiring writers through the pitch process and the publishing process which can be a harrowing experience for writers.

The convention will be on Saturday September 12th and end on Sunday September 13th at the Clarion Hotel in Egg Harbor Township NJ.

A weekend pass will run $115 a very reasonable price for a writing convention.

For more on the Convention visit their website here.

Points of Interest

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Book Fair:  I love looking at what new books are out and just looking at the general trends in publishing.

Techniques to blend genres:  The genres was a great idea for it's time but has moved to an extreme that publishing has to move away from.  I'm glad to see this topic being discussed and writers learning how to free them selves from artificial restrictions.

Using poetry as therapy:  This is a great panel for everyone.

The challenges for writing for a living:  This is a difficult challenge that writers face.  I'm curious what William Hudgins position is on the topic and what solutions he puts forth.

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