DVD Releases: September 29, 2009

Out this week we have two DVDs to feature:  Kings - Season One, Monsters vs. Aliens.kings-show

  • Kings - Season One: This show is just an amazing piece of surreal speculative fiction and drama.  The political intrigue and drama rivaled that of West Wing and Battlestar Galactica.  Kings was not renewed for a second season because of the ratings which I think was due to the poor time slot and promotions that did not do the show justice.  The cast is amazing.  This is a must own and I hope that with enough DVD sales they will get to do another season.

  • Monsters vs. Aliens: DreamWorks fun animated tale drawing inspiration from a lot of the classic 50's monster movies but this time they are here to help defend earth from the attacking aliens.  It is a renter for me but did receive good reviews from those who have watched it.

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