Looking Ahead At Season 2

dollhouse-castLooking forward to Dollhouse Season 2 what can we expect to see.

Dollhouse In General

  • Joss will question everything about the Dollhouse, the setting, the characters, and the ethics / morality of what their doing, pealing back the layers one at a time

  • They will tweak the visual style of the show taking it up to a higher level.

  • The stories are taken up a notch getting deeper into the setting and characters but he is planning on also not making it too confusing for new viewers.

  • Expect more episodes like the end half of season one.

The Past

To understand one’s future you must know their past so Joss will take us deeper into the past of Echo and Ballard.  He will also take us deeper into the Dollhouse’s past.

The Future

  • Epitaph One is part of the Dollverse

  • We will get flashes into the future shown in epitaph one.

  • The future will run as a parallel storyline in season two.  That storyline will be touched upon from time to time throughout the season.

Paul Ballard

  • Paul makes a devils bargain with the Dollhouse so that he can use it’s resources to solve some of his old cases that were unsolved from when he was a FBI agent.

  • One of the neat questions explored in season two is who is Paul really obsessed with?  Is it Caroline or is it Echo?

  • Paul expands his need to rescue Caroline out to everyone else in the Dollhouse and bring it down.


  • The wipes are not working so well on her.  She will glitch more in season 2 as a result of her becoming Omega.  She will have to deal with experiencing all of her previous personalities.

  • The first episode of season two will be an exploration of the sickest thing they could  do in the Dollhouse by marring echo off and echo's new relationship with her new husband.

  • Eliza Dushku also asked if she could do burlesque and be a ninja.  I hope Joss got to put both into this season.

The Attic

  • We will get a tour of the attic in season two more toward the end of the 13 episodes.

  • Joss will show us why we don’t want to go into the attic.  According to Joss it so so terrible, in the attic inhabitants will be trapped in and relive an old episode of Small Wonder.  I love Joss’ sense of humor.

The Big Bad

  • There is a big bad in this season

  • The Big Bad will have a history with Echo that she does not know about.

  • Could the Big Bad be Bennett, Summer Glau’s character?  Bennett is from Echo’s past after all.

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