Weekend Crafts: Dollhouse Paperdolls

dollhouse-paperdolls-unoThis is a fun simple Dollhouse themed Paperdoll craft.  There are 8 different dolls that have templates to make: Echo, Paul Ballard, Adelle Dewitt, Boyd Langton, Topher Brink, Sierra, Victor, Joss Whedon.

Graphic designer, Whedonite, and artist extraordinaire, Melissa Lobach, created these totally awesome, totally exclusive Dollhouse paperdolls just for us! We'll be revealing a new doll every week until the premiere, so keep checking in!

I hope the next doll will be one of Dr. Saunders!

How To


  1. Go to Dolls Gone Wild Paperdolls
  2. choose which one to make and follow link for printable instructions and template.
  3. The instructions are 4 easy steps


Materials Needed


  1. Printer
  2. Heavy Paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Markers / Color Pencils / Paints / Crayons / ect. : the picture is colored so if you have a color printer then it's done but I would recommend having the fun of coloring it in whatever venue desired.

(via Dollhouse)

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