The Wizard of Oz Free Streaming Online

The Wizard of Oz, filmed in 3-strip Technicolor Image via Wikipedia

Netflix is hosting an online screening of The Wizard of Oz for free on October 3rd in celebration of  its 70th anniversary.  The free screening will begin at 9am eastern time on the 3rd and run until 9am eastern time on Sunday the 4th.

This free screening is for anyone just go to

Netflix members will be able to watch The Wizard of Oz streaming through any of the normal methods including all of the Netflix ready devices.

This is just awesome.  I love The Wizard of Oz and have been wanting to watch it again.  So now all I have to do is wait a few more weeks and then watch it on my Netflix.

Now for the shameless Netflix plug.  They really provide a great service and are worth getting.  I've used Netflix for many years now (almost a decade) and over the time they have gone from a really good service to a great one.  If you don't have their service yet and you love movies then sign up for a plan Try free for 2 weeks.  You will not only be helping out yourself and your movie rental experience but you will also be helping us out at dashPunk.

(via /Film)Netflix, Inc.

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