Eureka: A Different Perspective On Paranormal

Eureka episode 311 Insane in the P-Brane takes on the paranormal... Eureka does ghosts, I love it.  It is refreshing to get another look at the subjects of ghosts and paranormal activity.

I found it very fun to watch Jack and the citizens of Eureka wrestle with paranormal activity.  Insane in the P-Brane really played in one of my Eureka what ifs: would the scientists heads explode if confronted with a paranormal experience like the ones Warehouse 13 faces?

They took the high road and did not poke fun at or denigrate those who are interested in the paranormal yet they did not ignore the prejudices within the scientific community.  I was really pleased that the one scientist was afraid to admit who his mother was for fear of it ruining his career.  Then when he was "outed" he was not treated as an abnormal but merely the info was handled as a peice of evidence to explain why that character presumed the activity to be ghosts.  In fact they recognized that his research has merit for detecting things in another dimension.

The biggest problem when a person is confronted with a paranormal experience is they tend to jump to a conclusion based on their narrow experience of reality and personal belief system.  This tends to leave two main sides to the situation.  The scientifically minded person who's belief system tends to dismiss the phenomenon with some rational explanation claiming the experience to be fraud.  Like magnetic fields caused by some hidden tech.  The other main side to the situation are the spiritualists who's belief system claims otherworldly influence like the scientists claiming that his mother  is causing the disturbance from the other side.  Not easily provable, repeatable and only allows the experience to always exist and be personal.  This is a false dichotomy, why not look into the possibility of explaining the activity and holding it in an unproven theory category until all of the facts can be sorted like what Jack did in this episode.

The best solution is an open minded one.  Some things can not be explained until our knowledge and language develops to a point to allows for understanding and communication.

What are your thoughts on the paranormal?

Do you tend to fall into one of the two main camps?

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