Star Wars: Galaxies: Death Troopers

deathtroopersThis is something I have wanted to see for a long time (sort of).

I have advocated for a decade now that franchise owners should run their MMO plots in tandem with their franchise fiction.  It would provide:

  • a better immersion into the setting

  • more content for the game

  • cross-promotional opportunities to pull players into the franchise, and readers into the game.

This is not what I had in mind though...

Worse idea since the Christmas Special?

Death Troopers is probably the stupidest idea to hit a franchise since Star Trek Voyager.  Simply, it is zombies in Star Wars, and not even an original or setting consistent attempt to capitalize on the zombie Crazy.

To make matters worse, they are implementing it in Star Wars Galaxies, the game Sony Online Entertainment is seeing how many time they can ruin it before it just dies.

I miss Galaxies

It is no secret that I am a huge Star Wars fan.  In fact, I have the posters for Episodes 4, 5, and 6 hanging in my living room over my coach.  I used to play Star Wars Galaxies... a lot.

I left the game twice after major recodes of the game that made it simply unplayable in any fashion that could be described as fun.  They have offered me several free trials to try to lure me back, and I always update my client (which I still haven't uninstalled).  The hope returns that the game will be fun again, but that is quickly crushed.

Is there hope?

In the lead up to the release of Death Troopers SOE has plans to overhaul some of the core systems again.

  • Update 13 will add in Star Wars Chronicles.  A system for players to make their own missions (PvE and PvP)

  • Update 15 will overhaul the Galactic Civil War system

Updates 14 and 15 will be the Death Troopers additions.

O, the pain of it all

Yet again, I am torn whether or not to dust off my old account and give Galaxies another try.  If you are still playing, let me know how the gameplay is now

(via Club Jade.)