Champions Online: Pre-order Dilemma

champions-online-coverChampions Online is a month away from it's release and now comes the difficult decision which vendor to get the game from?

The bonus items that come with the game can be very convenient for running a character especially at the earlier levels.  For instance I love the little jump pack that I got with my copy of City of Heroes.  Very helpful for moving over obstacles at the earlier levels before I get good travel powers.

I like that Champions is giving options over which bonus items a player wants to start with.  What I don't like is that I have to worry which vendor I purchase the game from.  Why make life more complicated then it already is?

  •  three exclusive apparel options: harlequin headpiece, black knight helmet, grenade chest strap.  Five in-game micro-transaction dollars.  Get your Amazon copy of Champions Online here.

  • Gamestop:  Access to the Early Start weekend.  The Insectoid Airfoil costume piece and Experimental Anti-Graviton Generator flight travel power.

  • Wal-Mart:  an exclusive zone map.  Iron-on decal.  Ten in-game micro-transaction dollars

  • Best Buy:  Access to the Early Start weekend.  Lil' Champ pet.  A  functional damage resistance item. 

Though there are some differences between the packs they aren't as different when looked at closer.  The main choice is whether you want to play on the early start weekend or not?

Cryptic is good with their execution of micro-transactions.  For instance in City of Heroes with micro-transactions a player can purchase the bonus items that came with special purchased versions of the game or extra character slots (though each player gets a ton of slots per server) or character transfers, ect.

This means that I would not be surprised if players could not purchase the pet, damage resistance item, Experimental Anti-Graviton Generator, or special costume pieces.

(via Fidgit)