Review: Crescent Moon by Haruko Iida

cmCrescent Moon is a manga began in 2000 with the name, Mikan no Tsuki (An Incomplete Moon).

Plot: A young girl is a good luck charm to all those around her, but she herself is the most unlucky person alive. A group from the lunar race ask for her help to find a power source called Teardrops of the Moon that has been stolen from them. The lunar race representatives are a vampire, a werewolf, a kitsune (fox), and a tengu (heavenly dog). The girl enrages the tengu at every turn and though he hates her, you get the feeling they will fall in love.


  • Beautiful underwater art.

  • Filled with poetry.

  • They study a cool book, which shows research pages from an ancient text.


  • The beginning is confusing. The author used a character entrance format that was hard to understand.

  • I didn’t know what was going on until half way through the book.

  • Sometimes the characters had freaky long limbs that did not have anything to do with the supernatural, it was how they were drawn.

Where to get it: You can buy Crescent Moon Vol. 1 at

Upcoming: There are 6 volumes in the series, but it did not interest me enough to continue. This was not a bad manga, just not my cup of tea. You can find out all about this manga at the Tokyopop Cresent Moon page.