What is Your Visual Ghost Apparation Experience?

Ghost-hunters-i'm-not-guiltyIn Ghost Hunters episode "I Am Not Guilty" (season 5, episode 10) we get to see captured infrared footage of a ghost!

Watching it reminded me of my experience with a residual haunt I like visiting in which fully visible Civil War ghosts appear.

I want to hear about your experience with a fully visual ghost.

My Ghost Experience

Battle of Gettysburg painting
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My most memorable experience is also one outdoors.  I loved going ghost hunting around the old Civil War battlefields and even more I got a kick out of bringing friends along for, what I lovingly called the Gettysburg battle reenactment.

It is a residual haunting.  This made the haunt a predictable and a repeatable experience for others.  I would drive around the battlefields very late in the evening, 2-4 am.  On or near the night of a full moon this way there is more natural visible light.

The battlefield would get a low lying fog that would creep across the ground.

Starring out across the battlefield I would notice movement at first.  Then focusing in on the location of the movement forms would appear in the fog.

An entire scene from the battle of Gettysburg would manifest.  Union and Rebel soldiers clashing flashing of musket fire and then it would fade away as quickly as it appeared.

What is your experience with a visible ghost haunt?

Jay and Grant's Experience

In "I Am Not Guilty" the Ghost Hunters team are investigating Doctor Mudd's house. Jay and Grant go outside to look into the claims of Civil War reenactors encounters with full visual apparitions.

While walking around they catch a ghost on the infrared camera. It's an amazing moment which I particularly like that they have a split screen showing the infrared footage and a regular camera view.  The ghost is clearly visible  in one camera and nothing moves in front of them on the other one.  Watch a clip of the footage below.

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