Review: G-Force

Overall Rating:  8g-force_poster

Funny cute movie about believing in oneself and family.  The high concept is easiest to explain through a 30 rock reference:  it was like watching Tracy Morgan's latest move, Fat Bitch meets Who Dat Ninja but with guinea pigs.  A great film for the family to watch that will not only enteratin the kids but it also has good edifying messages in it without being preachy.

G-Force is recommended for the theater, it does benefit from the big screen atmosphere.  This is a kids movie.  When I use that term here I'm referring to how satisfying / filling the movie is for an adult to watch like the difference in eating a kids platter verses eating an adult platter at a restaurant.  There have been have been many movies come out in the last decade that are "kids movies" but are also great for adults too, for instance Ratatouille and The Incredibles.  G-Force is more focused on children humor and light on any substance but it is still a good movie.

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Favorite Line:

"Hey I'm only 9 inches tall I only see the upside"


  1. An amazing cast:  Nicolas Cage, Penélope Cruz, Steve Buscemi, Tracy Morgan, Will Arnett, Bill Nighy, Zach Galifianakis

  2. Giant killer robots!!!!

  3. The jokes are funny

  4. The animated hair physics looks good

  5. Good messages in the movie:  value of family, believing in oneself, the wrongs of revenge and the harm it causes to the ones you love.

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. Light on substance.  Even though it tackles good messages it is not a filling for an adult to watch as The Incredibles or Ratatouille would be.

Watch the trailer below.

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