Review: District 9

Overall Rating: 10district 9

District 9 is a brilliant, amazing, gritty, graphic, well told sci-fi movie that is not for the lighthearted yet highly recommended.  I loved this movie.  The best one to be released this year.  From writing, directing, acting, and cinematography this movie is good through and through.  Best of all on top of entertaining an audience District 9 will make you think and ask what if?

There are so many great social issues covered in District 9 yet they don't get preachy.  At first the people of earth wish well on the visitors being very interested in giving care to, and protections to the aliens but as time passes and the world grows board with the story attentions move else where and aid fades.  Then the racism creeps in.  They start with focusing on the differences and lack of understanding of cultural preferences and practices.

I like how many different types of racism are represented in this movie.  We get to see from the overt violent hate to Wikus who is the subtle unconscious racist who uses hateful names for the aliens.  They even show how the racism allows people to think of the group as other and thus allowing people to do anything to them they want from exploitation to testing on them.

Often you have heard me talk about the short comings of torture porn and the use of the grotesque.  I thought now is a great time to clear up that I'm not against the graphic and grotesque I just find it sad when a film uses it poorly.  District 9 is a brilliant example of the good use of gore.  The focus was not on the gore, it was a byproduct of the storyline and it kept the feel of the movie real, setting an appropriate mood.  There was not a celebration of the grotesque murder of another once again it was the byproduct of the setting.

This is an owner and is best to watch in the theater.

Story:  District 9 is an interesting twist on the visiting alien theme.  Aliens arrive on earth on a life boat, homeless and needing our help.  We give them a ghetto to live in but tensions grow after decades of intolerance grow between the aliens and their human neighbors.  Now it is time to evict the aliens and move them to a more permanent camp far away from any city.  watch the trailer below


  1. Writing

  2. Directing

  3. The gritty documentary cinematography style

  4. The character Wikus van der Merwe his flaws, his development and evolution of.

  5. The intro and it's success in easing the viewer into the films setting.

  6. The use of the child is well done where he serves a purpose within the story and is not just there for a cheap emotional ploy.

  7. Brilliant use of graphic gore.

  8. Lots of stuff going boom:  exploding people, aliens and property.  Yet an appropriate amount for the story and style of movie.

  9. Cool alien tech including a Mech that rocks!!!

  10. The social topics covered:  slums, racism, crime, corporate greed, and government / populace turning blind eye.

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. The beginning jumps around a little and may be a bit tricky for some to get into the movie but after a few minutes they focus in on the main character Wikus and everything slides into place.

  2. Not for the light heartted this movie is gritty and earns it's R rating from being graphic.

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