A First Look At Night's Knights by Emerian Rich


I love getting things like this in the mail!  This is my 1st proof of my print novel Night's Knights.

There are some adjustments I will be making, but for the most part I am thrilled beyond all common uses of the word.
All the fonts and pictures I used came out beautifully.  I really like the size and weight of the finished product and although I wanted to keep the price under ten dollars, the fact that it will be $13.00 does not bother me after seeing it.

It is quality paperback which major booksellers charge $15-$20 for and I am confident the finished product will be something vampire fans across the globe will have a hard time passing by.

One bit of news I have is, although the cover was locked in, I suddenly met someone who has the most beautiful picture that I would like to use for the cover. We are in talks about the details, but when I know for sure, I will give you links to her portfolio. Excellent stuff.  I am so excited to have met her and to have seen her artwork just in time.