Review: G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra

g.i. joeOverall Rating: We have three of them for this movie based on the audience preference and expectations:

  • For a G.I. Joe movie:  9

  • As an action movie:  7.5

  • As a movie:  5

I really enjoyed watching G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra.  For me it will be an owner, but I grew up watching the cartoon and owned many of the toys.  We had to give this movie three ratings because it did some parts really well and other parts poorly.

This will be a niche film, not necessairly a bad thing as long as people know what to expect getting into it.  For fans of G.I. Joe this is a must see in the theaters you will love this movie it is everything someone would expect from a G.I. Joe movie.  If you are not familiar with G.I. Joe but love action movies then you too should probably watch this in the theaters it hits most of the important elements of a good action film.  If you are not one of those two previous types of audience members then don't go, watch something else this is probably not the movie for you.

Question From the Movie:

No spoiler:  There are several scenes where people, in the background, are taking a torch and burning a surface.  The first one that stood out was when they arrive at Cobra Command and there is a guy burning down an engine.  The second one that stood out was in a hallway, a guy was burning down a door frame.  Why did cobra command have people who's job was to burn down all of the surfaces in the building?

For parents:

After the blue language issue in Transformers I thought I would put in this section for parents of young kids.  This is a PG 13 movie so there is an expectation of more adult content but also being G.I. Joe there is an expectation of it being safe for kids.  There are only two things that may or may not be an issue for your child watching this movie.  There are only a few moments of blue language:  one instance of mother ___er which the blanked out part is drowned out by background noise and would pass FCC standards the other word used is shit, which occurs a couple of times.  What I would be concerned of for kids is the melting faces they are grotesque (in a cool sort of way) but some children might not be able to handle watching it.

G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra is an origin story for both G.I. Joe and Cobra command.  Ten years in the future the Cobra Organization raises to terrorize all nations of the earth.  With only one group to stop them, Duke is recruited into the G.I. Joe, a top secret team of elite soldiers.  Yo Joe!


  1. The action was intense, exciting, and did not sag for a moment throughout the entire movie.

  2. The sound effects of the Cobra Command guns were just like in the 80's show and they explained the odd cheesy sound by showing us why and left it natural for their setting.

  3. love the ninjas

  4. The characters looked and behaved appropriate  to their type.  The Baroness is well done.

  5. Accelerator suit rocks.  I still want one.

  6. The fighting between the two ninjas were so good I could watch two kids fighting for the first hour and then watch the two adults fighting for the second hour.

  7. They featured a lot of the toys / tech.  The jet was my favorite one growing up playing with and it looked awesome.

  8. The sequel set up was well done and not the common cliche one I was expecting but still in line with the G.I. Joe of my childhood.  I can't wait for the second movie.

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. The studio messed up and loss the tension for the Eiffel Tower chase scene because they showed the result in the trailers thus tipping their hand.  Show us teasers, entice us but don't show the final result.

  2. The effects were only ok, close up could use some work.  The accelerator suit looks poorly composted on big screen as well as on the trailers.

  3. The acting was only ok and at some times a little stilted.

  4. The main story ark was weak, not surprising since most G.I. Joe story is merely a macguffin to get us lots of action and fighting.  This was made more apparent because the back story is very interesting and well written.

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