DISTRICT 9 More Video Fun


I can't wait for District 9 to hit theaters.  Here is a series of videos below that give more of a look over the fence into the district.  Watch the videos below.

The Alien Weapon dilemma

I like how in this video they give us a better look at some of the alien's weaponry and explains both MNU's desire to get that technology and the problems that is preventing them from that.

District-9 tv spot: Warning

This one really shows off the look of the aliens that live within District 9.

District-9 tv spot: They Rise

I like this one for the nice look we get at the mech suit that will be in District 9.  I love mech suits in all forms and having one in the movie is a huge plus for me.

District-9 tv spot: Change

This video features more of the tech that the aliens use and some of the action sequences that feature that tech.  Plus a mech suit catching a missile is a plus in a movie.

District 9 hits theaters this Friday.

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