Joss Whedon controls the Dollhouse now?

Has Fox handed control of Dollhouse to Joss Whedon?

dollhouse_logo"[The mandate is] to keep doing what he's doing," President of entertainment for Fox Broadcasting,, Kevin Reilly, said. "That is really the gift of Joss. Some people can create a good show. Joss was pretty open about those hiccups. I think in the second half of the year, he found the show and started having fun with it. I don't think he was having a lot of fun early on, but he was fantastic to work with all the way through. The fact that he found that, it will be much smoother sailing this year (Airlock Alpha)."

That's the story, and I hope it's true.  Joss knows where he wants to take the series and the few episodes he did his way last year were the best.

I am not sure I buy this.  Fox is a micromanaging network, and I suspect that they are going to find some subtle, passive-aggressive ways to push Joss the way they want him to go.

I have my fingers crossed.  Do you think Joss will get to do Dollhouse his way for season 2?

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