Gothic Little Red Riding Hood heads to Grandma's House

The Wolf awaiting Little Red Riding Hood
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way is developing a gothic reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood. David Leslie Johnson, Frank Daabont’s former assistant and screenwriter of the recently cult horror film Orphan, has been to pen the script (/Film).

Mixed feelings swirl around me as I take in the news.  I have seen:

  • a noir Little Red Riding Hood

  • dark fantasy Little Red Riding Hood

  • surreal Little Red Riding Hood

  • comedy Little Red Riding Hood

The idea of a Gothic one makes me giggle.  If they do this, the theme song should be Glass House by Christian Death.

My biggest concern is that Leonardo DiCaprio is involved.  I am not a fan of his or his companies work, but I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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