The Great Pit of Carkoon and Antlions

sarlaccThe Great Pit of Carkoon the resting place of the great Sarlacc.  What a great creature capturing my imagination from the first time I watched return of the Jedi.

As a child I would love playing with antlions imagining them to be the Sarlacc.  I would capture ants and bring them to the antlion's pit casting the ant into it as a punishment for defying the will of the Hutts.  Then I would watch the show as the ant tried to escape the mighty antlion.

Antlion's are an insect in the larval stage of it's life.  They like sandy areas and my sandbox was a popular place for them.  They would create a funnel type of trap to capture other small bugs traveling across the surface pulling them under the sand like the Sarlacc and eat the bugs.



Antlion pit on left and an Antlion on the right