Why Read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

harrypotterandthehalfbloodprincebook6.jpgThe latest Harry Potter move the Half-Blood Prince is very well done and the best of the films yet.  Here is the Top 10 reasons why you would want to read the book in addition to watching the movie.

****contains some spoilers for the Movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince*****

  1. Discover the true importance of the half-blood prince.

  2. Answers to how the Wizarding world handles the Muggle officials and maintains their secrecy mandate.

  3. An amazing battle in the Hogwarts Castle.

  4. Learn far more about Voldemort, his past, his motivations and get to see him as a more realistic villain.

  5. The Romantic story line:

    1. Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour:  The book has a wonderful, entertaining, and inspiring story line here that was not in the movie at all.

    2. Harry and Ginny's relationship:  In the book we get to see them together for a while and we get more detail and more depth.

    3. Ron and Hermione's relationship: get more detail and more depth.

  6. The shop scene was much better in the book and it includes the defense charms which help to show the changing times.

  7. Ron the Quidditch star:  A lot more on Ron's struggles and triumphs.  Plus the song "Weasley is our King"

  8. The true terrifying in depth look at Fenrir Greyback

  9. A more sympathetic, detailed view of Draco Malfoy and a better understanding of his character.

  10. A far more touching and inspiring ending.

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