Must Hear Vampire Music

Here is a list of awesome Vampire and Vampire-like Musical Songs that are a must hear for Vampire fans.

  • Lestat ~ I Want More

Most of the musical sucks (and not in a good way) but it’s all worth it for this one song.  This youtube version is cut with video from Interview with the Vampire.

  • Dance of the Vampires ~the whole soundtrack


This is an excellent musical all about us horror addicts favorite subject! The all and mighty fang! What is cool is that you can download all the songs for FREE here:

My two favorite songs are:

Carpe Noctum - or Seize the Night.   This song is excellent on so many levels. The beginning is scary, then it launches into full orchestra instrumental, then it ends with a balladry kind of call to arms for the demons of the city. Not to be missed! This one is cut with video from our favorite cartoon villains.

Confessions of a Vampire.   An excellent, sad song about a vampire and his guilt over feeding. This version is a bit out of sync on the video. Better to close your eyes and listen. If you haven’t checked out this musical, you definitely need to.

  • Romeo et Juliette, Russian production

Take a British playwright, have the French write a musical from his works and then get a Russian production cast? If that’s not weird enough, for some reason all of these videos, though they are an adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliette, have dark or vampire-like overtones. Check them out and see if you don’t agree.


Les Rois du Monde

Who’s the guy with glowing eyes?

  • Rock on Dracula fanboy!!

And lastly... for your amusement, the Dracula song from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".