The Clone Wars webcomic returns


Star added ‘Hunting the Hunters’ to their webcomic collection.  It covers events that occur between season one and season two of The Clone Wars.  Read it onlin here.

The reader  is a little tricky to use.  There is a fit to screen option that makes the text a little bit bigger but I still needed to zoom in to read some of the text... either a sign of my age or because I was on my laptop.  The other problem is that this story starts on page 170 so you have to flip through to the desired page waiting for all of the earlier pages to load slowing down the load time.

I wished they would have just followed other webcomic successes like Looking for Group and made each page a full page.  The reading of the comic would be a more enjoyable experience and I don't mean like so enjoyable that one might not buy the comic when it is published but more enjoyable so that someone on the fence about Star Wars would stick around long enough to actually read the story.  Also by following that model they could have increased the load time since each page is by it's self and Star would have been able to get more add revenue from comic readers as we would have had adds showing up for each page we read.

Though the delivery could use improvement the 5 page read is still interesting.

(via Club Jade)