Brian's Top 10 Movies

It's very hard to pick only 10 movies so I went with the top 10 but at the moment that I would pick:

  1. star-wars-yoda-lightsaberStar Wars all of them:  Big fan of the setting, story, and myth.

  2. The Matrix Collection: The great way this series gets one to give a second look at the systems that they exist in, how to bend the rules and evolve.

  3. Transformers: (80's animated and the live action one)  Giant Robots Fun

  4. Harry Potter films:  what a wonderful story arc, the books are better

  5. Star Trek in particular Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan

  6. The Day the Earth Stood Still

  7. Serenity

  8. V for Vendetta:  the political exploration and the exploration of the power of symbolism and symbols.

  9. Planet of the Apes: the 1968 version it's a great social exploration.

  10. Frank Herbert's Dune: kind of a fudge because it aired on TV but I watch all of them as a long movie

What are your top 10 movies at this moment?

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