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merlin-tvNBC will air the first two episodes of the BBC drama show Merlin on Sunday.  Merlin is loosely based on the Arthurian legends of the mythical wizard Merlin and his relationship with Prince Arthur.  The show features a young Merlin who is facing a Kingdom where magic is outlawed and the last dragon is imprisoned.  Watch the trailer below.

Above is the BBC trailer below is NBC's trailer... it's fascinating  to see the differences between the two trailers.  Which one do you think is better?

I'm really looking forward to watching Merlin because the BBC has a track record of producing good shows and because Anthony Head is in it, Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Mr. Finch in Doctor Who.

Anthony-head-uther-merlinThe pilot, "The Dragon's Call", is about Merlin at the cusp of adulthood, heading to Camelot where he hopes to find adventure and a use for his hidden talent: Magic.  However at the mythic city, he finds all is not quite as he'd dreamed.

The second episode, "Valiant", is about Camelot's annual sword tournament.  Knights from throughout the realm come to compete.  Among those hoping to win the crown is Knight Valiant. Armed with a magical shield, Valiant will stop at nothing to win his prize.  Merlin tries to expose Valiant as a cheat, but even those closest to him do not believe his claims.  Battling with his faith, friendships and destiny, Merlin attempts to stop Valiant's evil scheme before Arthur becomes the next knight to die.

All thirteen episode of the first season have already aired on the BBC and for those with access they can be streamed online here.

Let me know what you think.  Will you watch Merlin?  If you have watched it should I watch it and why?

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