Exploring: Imagine That

imagine-thatImagine That is about A financial executive, who can’t stop his career downspiral, is invited into his daughter’s imaginary world.  While in it he finds the solutions to his problems.

I like the idea of having a movie that would celebrate the imagination and it's value  in our busy modern society.  That is why I love speculative fiction so much.  It allows me to look at a situation and ask what if.  Beyond that it allows me to put a difficult to approach situation / topic into a new context, one that is detached from myself so that I can approach it and think it through.  Imagine That appears to be a movie that is demonstrating this idea within a fantasy context.

Though I really like the premise and have hopes that the movie could show the value of celebrating our imagination, just relaxing and being silly when appropriate I also have concerns that it will focus too much on the silly, grotesque, and bathroom humor.  I love all three of these things but like my love for chocolate, too many candy bars only serves to make me sick.

Imagine That is a renter for me.  Eddie Murphy and Martin Sheen have a hit and miss track record with movies and the trailers just didn't motivate me enough to want to rush out and see it.

To watch the trailer and get more info on Imagine That and other SF movies out in June read Theater or Renter: June 2009

Let me know what you think.  Will you go to see Imagine That in the theater on June 12th or rent it?

If you have seen it in the theater should I go see it and why?

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