Why Wolverine’s Claws Might Not Be a Good Idea

The brilliantly funny people over at college humor does it again.  I laughed so hard at this more reality based look at Wolverine’s powers.

I love superhero stuff especially the X-Men.  In the comic they had the common sense to put in the blood that would inevitably occur when Wolverine sheds his claws.  This is, as expected, one of the major problems with the latest catastrophe (I just can’t call it an X-Men film).  For those of you unfortunate enough to have watched it you can now get come catharsis with this video.

The premise is a couple of guys save up to go through a medical procedure to get Wolverine’s mutant powers.  They saved up all the money they could but unfortunately find out that the costs of the procedure will be double since Wolverine has two mutant powers adamantium claws and mutant healing.  Which one will they choose?  Watch the video above.

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