Review: Dollhouse 111 Briar Rose

Review of:  Dollhouse 111 Briar Rose  Dollhouse - Dollhouse, Season 1

Overall Rating: 10

Alpha reveals himself and Ballard Makes an important find.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

What an amazing episode!  Briar Rose has such a great balance between funny, drama, action, altruism, horror, and suspense.  I really believe that the earlier episodes of Dollhouse would have been a lot like this one if Fox hadn't made Joss Whedon change them.

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  • Alan Tyduck's acting:  brilliant, hilariously funny, and terrifying

  • Lots of Ballard

  • Ballard’s plan for finding the Dollhouse

  • Carrot farm!  The medicinal carrots

  • The reading of Briar Rose at the beginning of the episode and as a set up for the ending.

  • Use of frakked, nice geeky reference

  • I love how Topher set up echo with the 11year olds brain scan as charity work.  “Echo’s like a living example of the kids best possible future.”

  • love the stairs part

  • earth day comment, earth gets one day… once we die out in couple hundred years earth will have a people day and laugh

  • I love how Sierra examined the body with such detail including smelling the body.  “he smells like yesterday’s breakfast, not last week’s."

Dislikes / Concerns

  • None

Favorite Quotes

  • “maybe we should ask Mr. Dominic”

  • “do you think you could just walk into the dollhouse.  When everyone knows it doesn’t exist.”

  • “we suffer from unsightly visibility”

  • “did not expect that.”

  • “my whole life isn’t real”

  • “This feeling is not unlike pride.”

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Listen to “Playing In The Dollhouse” a Dollhouse podcast here.

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Next Week: Omega

Alpha's reign of terror continues as his obsession with Echo endangers Caroline's survival; Ballard must make a life-changing decision; and one Doll is permanently deactivated while another's shocking past is revealed.

Spoiler Alert

In the scene when they use victor's body with Dominic's mind.  I found the scene to be disturbing not only for what is going on in it but I also wondered what does the Dollhouse do with the bodies.  What did you think about that scene?

The man on the inside.  First off I doubt that Joss will reveal who that is in this season.  I'm still stuck on who that may be but after this episode I have to move Boyd up to the top of my list.  He gave Ballard a way out even after catching him trying to free Caroline.  "I’m giving you your one chance go back the way you came."  Why would Boyd let Ballard just walk out of the Dollhouse?

On to Alpha.

  • He has a lot of mannerisms and conversation style like Topher.  Do you think they are related in some manner or do you think Topher's mind is one of the multitude that makes up Alpha's composite?

  • Alpha is a sociopath:  The evidence is in the scene where he is admiring cuts he did on Dr. Saunders like it's art work.  He takes so much pride in it.

  • Alpha and echo have a thing where she was waiting for him to come and wake her from her sleep like Briar Rose.  In Omega we should find some answers to this but what do you think?

  • Why did Alpha have the conversation with Doctor Saunders?  I think it is because he wants to know more about who he was before he became a doll and Alpha beleives the Dr. Saunders knows more than she is telling.  I think this may be why she is still alive because she still serves a purpose in Alpha's mind.


  • Alan Tyduck is Alpha

  • The center is located in Tucson AZ

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