Review: Princess Resurrection 1 & 2 by Yasunori Mitsunaga

hiroContrary to what the cover and write up leads you to believe, the star of this manga is not Princess Resurrection. The true star is Hiro, an abandoned boy who is resurrected to be a slave for the princess. Poor Hiro wakes up in a morgue unaware that he is now undead and wanders to the Princess's house.

Princess Resurrection is nonchalant and uncaring of his life or what becomes of him. As the daughter of the king who stands above all monsters, I guess she has the luxury of being jaded about death. She wields many weapons such as stakes, swords, jackhammers, and her favorite, a chain saw. Despite the many monsters she massacres, her dress is never damaged. Now, this is a girl we can look up to!

So, let's see... we have a hell-bent princess, an undead boy, a robot maid, is there someone missing? Ah yes! Let's add a rebellious werewolf girl into the mix.

These books are great. No matter how many times Hiro is "accidentally" killed by the Princess's weapons or the robot maid says her only word "Hooba", this story never gets old. pr1

What you'll find in Volume 1:

• Hiro wakes up dead and finds the Princess battling a horde of werewolves
• Insane hospital employees attempt to make Hiro their savior and then try to kill him.
• Werewolf girl saves Princess Resurrection from a battalion of squidmen.
• Extras in the back include a four page spin-off comic and two pages of translation notes explaining the significance of certain scenes along with a sneak peek at Volume 2.
• Favorite quote: "You think Hiro's alright?"
"He only drowned for one night. There shouldn't be a problem."

What you'll find in Volume 2:pr2

• The Princess's evil little sister visits and infects the house with triffids.
• A sexy vampire girl wants Hiro for her own and attempts to steal him from the Princess.
• The Princess battles another horde of werewolves.
• The robot maid finds an android who she cares for.
• The Princess kills an eyeball squid creature with a jackhammer.
• Extras in the back include a five page spin-off comic and two pages of translation notes explaining the significance of certain scenes along with a sneak peek at Volume 3 which looks to include a mummy army.
• Favorite quote: While most of the crew is fighting for their lives against triffids, the maid is cleaning up. "It's a little noisy upstairs... Oh well. I need to vacuum!"
The art in this manga is not pretty and frilly, but it is very well done. Monster art, gory blood, fighting, and a girl who cuddles her weapons? What more can a horror manga fan want?

Go to to preview or purchase Princess Resurrection 1, Princess Resurrection 2, Princess Resurrection 3, Princess Resurrection 4, Princess Resurrection 5, Princess Resurrection 6, or preorder Princess Resurrection 7 (released November 24, 2009).  There is also an animated DVD Princess Resurrection: Collection 1

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