Blood: The Last Vampire First 5 Minutes Video

Watch the first five minutes of the live action movie Blood: The Last Vampire above.  I like what I'm seeing.  I like that they have scrolling text giving the set up background for the setting.  They start us out in a normal setting, shows us that something is not quite right and leaves us with a lot of questions.  In my book this is a good hook.  Why is the council experimenting on the dead bodies of the demons?

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The intro:

In the 16th Century, the savage Onin War reduced Japan to a massive feeding ground. Assuming human forms, demons settled in among mortals to prey on the bloodshed.

A fearless Samurai named Kiyomasa rose from the heart of evil and became the most revered demon hunter, only to be brutally slain by the oldest, vilest of all demons: Onigen.

Centuries passed. Darkness reigns on. Then, a mysterious hunter emerged, joining forces with a shadow society known as The Council, she sets out to face her ultimate foe… Onigen.

(via Anime News Network)