Tomb Raider's Realistic Origin Story?

A promotional Underworld image of Lara Croft.
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I am not sure if I should scream, cry or just give up:

[Producer Dan] Lin reveals that the film will be a “very character orientated” origin story, which hopes to take a “more realistic” tone than past Tomb raider movies (/Film).

Ugh...  I am so sick and tired of origin stories...  I wonder if this is a symptom of a nation of people seeking an identity or if it is just writers taking advantage of the simplistic formula to write an easy story that will sell to the studios and bore fans to no end.

I love Tomb Raider, and the first 2 movies are in my collection.  I want adventure from Lara, not a drawn out story about how she got to be that way.

If you have to do this, do it like they did in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, clips here and there that do not distract from the adventure!

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