Review: Legend of the Seeker 122 Reckoning

Review of: Legend of the Seeker 122 Reckoning Legend of the Seeker - Legend of the Seeker, Season 1

Overall Rating: 9

Richard's plan to kill rahl goes horribly wrong, leaving Kahlan in the clutches of this evil tyrant. Watch the episode streaming online above.

Reckoning is a good Legend of the Seeker season finally. The acting and cinematography are great with a nice dramatic opening unfortunately there was a rushed feeling over this episode coupled with writing choices that took the story in a direction less desired and making the cliffhanger seem weak at best. Overall though Reckoning is still light years ahead of other television shows in quality and it is still a really good Legend of the Seeker episode.

seeker450For more detailed conversation check out “The Confessed” a Legend of the Seeker podcast. Where we discuss and geek out on everything from the show Legend of the Seeker, based on the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind. Including episode reviews, news, fun fan bits and community comments.


  • The effects looked really good

  • The use of washed out look

  • Nice dramatic opening

  • The acting was brilliant

  • Shota: I really liked seeing the return of Shota and how she stayed true to her goals and ambitions

  • Cara: I loved how Cara is so direct, unfearful and willing to talk back to Rahl. This was really refreshing seeing another strong, thoughtful, independent female character.

  • Nicholas

  • Kahlan: watching her stay consistant in her actions as everything being done for the Seeker and her love for him.

  • Seeing Richards development come full circle in this episode: from simple woods guide to where he is a formidable fighter without the help of the sword of truth and his ability to not only touch the Agiel but to wield it as a weapon in combat.

  • Cara’s look when they are discussing that they are wasting heat.

  • Richard helps Cara to see the truth

Dislikes / Concerns

  • The pacing felt a little rushed, probably due to the amount crammed into one episode.

  • deus ex machina ending

  • For fans of the book they should have put in what the wizards first rule is somewhere in the season.

  • We do not get to find out about Richards relationship. Jennsen would have told Richard even if it was framed as a lie from Darken Rahl

Favorite Quotes

  • “Forgive my lord. My sisters and I are Mord'Sith not magicians.”

  • “You can kill the master. You can free the confessed.”

  • “Sisters I have brought The Seeker…”

  • “Who said anything about love… I’m talking about pleasure.”

  • “You loved me from across time” (thanks Natalie)

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Listen to “The Confessed” a Legend of the Seeker podcast here.

Get the books: The Sword of Truth, Boxed Set I, Books 1-3: Wizard's First Rule, Blood of the Fold ,Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind

Legend of the Seeker: Season 1 Recap

Spoiler Alert

Nicholas: The Creepy Nosferatu Rahl. Son of Kahlen and Darken Rahl and also a male confessor. I really enjoyed the dark twists around this character especially how his playmate Ethan was used as the introduction into Nicholas' darker side.

I like how Shota saw where they came out at using the basin of water. I also thought it was a nice touch of her character by having her stay and look for the key to the Rada'Han

What did you think about Nicholas and how they showed us the dangers of a male confessor? I liked how they brought back up the dangers of the male confessor especially with scenes like the one with Edgermon betraying his Lord Rahl.

What were your thoughts on Zedd dying at his own wizard’s fire?

What did you think about the future of the Mord’Sith? I would have loved an episode on just the betrayal and battle Nicholas on the Mord'Sith.

What did you think of the ending and Zedds ominous warning?


  • Darken Rahl has already blasted Valeria into dust.

  • “Magic of ordin is no more”

  • Cara takes control of the Mord'Sith

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