Dead of Night to be faithful to Dylan Dog

dylandogcomic.jpgThe inevitable question arose regarding the adaptation of Dylan Dog into the Dead of Night movie... Will you be true to the comic that the movie is based on?

Dan Forcey answered on Dead of Night official blog:

Changes had to be made:

I understand completely that some changes had to be made between the book and the film adaptation of it, but I hope... you will find that there are very good reasons for most of the changes. Unavoidable reasons in most cases that meant the difference between having a movie and not having a movie.

Remained true to the spirit:

We honestly believe that we’ve remained very true to the spirit and character of Tiziano’s character...

We are fans too:

I truly appreciate you and everyone else who is so very passionate about Dylan and I understand because I love him nearly as much as you all do. (And I only say “nearly” because I’m not Italian. :-) )

Don't pass final judgment without watching the movie:

...with all due respect, you cannot get out of the short synopsis that have been released publicly or the few photos you may have seen. Let me give you a parallel. If you go to imdb, you’ll find the following summary: “When wealthy industrialist Tony Stark is forced to build an armored suit after a life-threatening incident, he ultimately decides to use its technology to fight against evil.” Is that an accurate accounting of what the movie ultimately was? If you were an Iron Man fan and you read that, would you be excited to see the movie or would you have thought they had dressed some guy like Iron Man and called it that? Would you assume, based only on that, that it would be a faithful adaptation of the character you loved in the books?

Once you’ve seen it and if you hate it then, feel free to write me and I will humbly, genuinely, and personally apologize for letting you down, because that’s the last thing I want to do for you or any Dylan fan.  But, please, don’t judge us until you have the full “picture” (pun fully intended).

Will you be true to the comic that the movie is based on?

I hope so.  We’re all doing our best, but none of us know.  We hope so and at the very least we’ll be able to say we did the best job we possibly could under the circumstances.

I find it very reassuring to know that fans are working on this project, it gives me hopes for a more true adaptation from one medium into another.

Dan does bring up a question for me though:  What are the unavoidable circumstances that required change, beyond the obvious adaptation ones between print medium and motion picture medium?  The way in  which unavoidable circumstances are brought up hints of behind the scene political wrangling occurring.

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