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terminator-salvation-posterTerminator: Salvation is the next installment in the Terminator franchise.  It takes place during John Connor's freedom fighter days as he leads the resistance against the Skynet and the robot army.  In his attempt to defeat Skynet and its army of Terminators by Marcus Wright, a man who apparently has been rescued from the past, though Connor wonders if instead he’s been sent from the future as a foil to his plan. As Connor and Wright push deep into the heart of Skynet, they get closer and closer to learning the secret behind the organization’s mission to wipe humankind off the planet.

I loved the first two Terminator movies becoming a fan of the story and setting.  It was the best of both worlds great action with killer robots and good speculative fiction.  Then the third movie happened which moved the franchise away from any good "what if" and into pure boring action.  I originally had a lot of hope with this movie exploring John Connor's adult years and getting back into the setting returning the franchise back to what made it so great... after some of the early reviews and McG's talks that hope is swiftly slipping.

I put this one into the caution category.  I will watch it in the theater to review it but recommend for others to wait until the reviews are in.  My hopes is Terminator will turn out to be like Star Trek in quality rather than X-Men Wolverine.

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Let me know what you think.  Will you go to see Terminator: Salvation  in the theater on May 21 2009 or rent it?  If you have seen it in the theater should I go see it and why?

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