Review: Legend of the Seeker 121 Fever

Review of: Legend of the Seeker 121 Fever Legend of the Seeker - Legend of the Seeker, Season 1

Overall Rating: 10

Kahlan and Zedd fall victim to a horrific plague unleashed by Darken Rahl as part of his desperate attempt to find the Three Boxes of Orden. Watch the episode streaming online above.

Fever is a stellar example of the high quality of Legend of the Seeker excelling in cinematography, acting, effects, choreographing, story, and pacing. This episode really featured Jennsen and Darken Rahl yet still contained many shinning moments for Richard, Kahlen, and Zedd.

In Fever we get a big reveal about Darken Rahl and Richard... kind of. I have mixed feelings about how this was done on the show. For readers of the book this is the reveal they have been waiting to see. They say the words but wrap them in a situation that has much doubt cast on the truthfullness of the reveal. The writers have said that they changed some things in their adaptation of the book in order to give suprises to those already familar with the tale and I must say this act was a brillant way of tipping their hand without showing us any of their cards.

I really enjoyed the moments when we get to see the heroes and villans in a more mythic manner. Throughout the series the writers have done a great job distinguishing the heros from the villans through demonstrating Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy on the courage of the blood verses the courage of the knife which is discussed in Thus Spoke Zarathustra. In short form: the strong (heroic) are willing to die for what they beleive in and the weak (villanous) are willing to kill for what they beleive in. Throughout this series Kahlen, Zed, and Richard have shown their strength through their fearless facing of death putting themselves at risk for what they beleive in whereas Darken Rahl is willing to kill others for his beleife fleeing when things get tough. Fever is great at exemplifying this through the plagued village and everyones behavior surrounding it espically Kahlen, Zed and Darken Rahl.

One funny little short note and a question for those who have watched Fever. There is a moment with Jensen eating red berries in the woods. I thought that you aren’t supposed to eat something red in the midlands. Do you think this was a blooper, lucky break for Jennsen, or a symbol of the changes that the midlands are going through?

seeker450For more detailed conversation check out “The Confessed” a Legend of the Seeker podcast. Where we discuss and geek out on everything from the show Legend of the Seeker, based on the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind. Including episode reviews, news, fun fan bits and community comments.


  • The acting is great

  • The cinematography was really good they even did a washed out look for the scenes in the village of the sick and the red x on the door is disturbing.

  • The effects look really nice especially when zed draw the fire fever out.

  • The fight scene’s choreographing looked awesome particularly in the fight by the lake.

  • They are so evil to kind of tell us secrets about Rahl and the Seeker without telling us.

  • I love how Jennsen’s simple logic cuts through so many lies… most of the time.

  • When they finally show us how the true power of the seeker works (the scene of Richard and Jennsen)

  • I love how the story turned full circle first Rahl chasses Jennsen through the woods then Richard chases Jennsen through the woods.

  • Nice dramatic cliffhanger for this episode to lead us into the final episode of the season.

Dislikes / Concerns

  • They have taken so long to show us the true seeker’s power… or maybe not at all.

Favorite Quotes

  • “What do you want me to do… conjure you some kind of an award.”

  • “Prophecy said the seeker will defeat Rahl. It doesn't say that he will live to be a wise old man like his grandfather.”

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Get the books: The Sword of Truth, Boxed Set I, Books 1-3: Wizard's First Rule, Blood of the Fold ,Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind

Next Week: Reckoning

The moment of truth comes for Richard to unleash the power of the three Boxes of Orden and face Darken Rahl once and for all.

Spoiler Alert


  • Mord Sith are headed by Mistress Cara and are called the sisters of the Agiel.

  • Boxes of Ordin:

    • The only way to defeat Rahl is to put the 3 boxes together at the full moon.

    • Richard must learn to possess the power of Ordin and not the other way around.

    • Ordin is an insatiable wolf only one power can touch the beasts heart and tame it. A touch of love, the confessors touch would counter balance the power of ordin allowing the user to be safe neither fully confessed nor controlled by the box.

  • Darken Rahl: unleashed a plague on the village only the seekers head would get Rahl to unleash them.

    • The lienage of Rahl is maybe revealed the writers leaves it vague wether he is telling the truth or not.

    • Panis Rahl the father: a cruel bloodthirsty tyrant who conquered the lands. He slept around and sired Richard and Jennsen making all three of them siblings. Rahl killed his father to end his cruelty.

  • Fire Feaver:

    • a magical plague with disturbing black veins in it victems the welts and finally death.

    • it's hightly contagious spread through touch.

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