First Look: V remake poster and videos

v full castI remember when I was a kid waiting in front of the TV for the next installment of V to start.

The show was creepy, a mix of monster movie horror and scifi.

  • Who are the Visitors?

  • Why are they here?

  • What do they really want?

As soon as the cast was named for the remake of V, all of that childhood excitement flashed through me again.

ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson says his network's remake of the 1980s miniseries "V" could consist of four seasons, planned in advance, each with 13-22 episodes each. The show is planned for midseason (The Live Feed).

I cannot wait for the midseason!

The Visitors' Arrival

I love the idea that the Visitors use their ships as giant screens to broadcast their message to the people of the earth.

Morena Baccarin makes for a brilliant voice of God broadcasting the Visitors' message.  Creepy and nice.

The Power of Opportunity

I love how Morena manipulates the journalist to get her way.

I can't wait to see the series.  I only hope is has a strong West Wing-style political intrigue element.