Chuck returns with a shorter season

Chuck: Nerd HerdMore good news!

NBC has renewed Chuck for a 13-episode third season, striking a deal with Warner Brothers Television to bring back the cult show with a smaller production budget, Variety reported.

The renewal haggling between NBC and Warner over the past few weeks has centered entirely on cost-cutting issues, insiders told the trade paper (SCI FI Wire).

Unconscionable Abuse of Fandom

I can understand the long debate over Dollhouse's renewal.  That was a new media vs old media fight that we are going to be seeing happen more often in the future, but to tell the fans that the show they love could be canceled when you are bickering over money is just bad form.

The network and production company should have been upfront with the fans that they were arguing over such a petty issue.

In the future, I hope they are more honest about their issues so we know who and what the problem really is.