Review: Legend of the Seeker 120 Sanctuary

Review of: Legend of the Seeker 120 Sanctuary Legend of the Seeker - Legend of the Seeker, Season 1

Overall Rating: 8

The Seeker is in a desperate race with the evil Darken Rahl to uncover an ancient manuscript that, if found in time, could reveal how to defeat the ruthless tyrant, once and for all, and save the world from total destruction. Watch the episode streaming online above.

Sanctuary is a good episode of The Legend of the Seeker. Unfortunately with so many great episodes the flaws in this episode stands out setting it below the other episodes in the series. There are many great moments of Zed, Kahlan, Richard, and Rahl. Zeds acting was brilliant and entertaining. The magic and sword play looks excellent.

The riddle / mystery elements that are in this episode are nice but they did not spend enough time them and the solution was poorly delivered. I really like it when a story puts forth something to solve. In sanctuary they needed to solve the clues and find the Book of Counted Shadows. The solution was rushed lacking any opportunity to join in the adventure and help solve that mystery leaving me feeling jipped.

After so many great episodes where they show us instead of telling us about Richard and Kahlan's romantic situation, in Sanctuary they felt it necessary to tell us about the tension instead of showing us. The flaw would not have been so apparent but they had a great scene where through looks between the two they show us only to return to telling us. They brought up this issue so much that they almost appeared to be whining about their lot in life instead of being the heroes we know them to be and putting the needs of the midlands before their own needs.

seeker450For more detailed conversation check out “The Confessed” a Legend of the Seeker podcast. Where we discuss and geek out on everything from the show Legend of the Seeker, based on the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind. Including episode reviews, news, fun fan bits and community comments.


  • The magic teleportation effect into and out of the painting.

  • The riddle / mystery elements are nice.

  • Kahlan and Richard through looks at each other expressing their unrequited love. This is when they are discussing the pros and cons of magic and it’s absence in the painting.

  • When Zed tries wizards fire on the D'Haran leader.

  • a really nice touch remembering to put the book into a book sleeve

  • Seeing how Richards sword play is paying off.

Dislikes / Concerns

  • the acting was not as good in this one as in the other episodes.

  • did not spend enough time on the riddle / mysteries

  • For some reason they felt it necessary to tell us about Kahlan and Richards relationship issues instead of showing us.

  • seemed hollow

  • lacked tension

Favorite Quotes

  • “Not nearly as effective as wizards fire but sometimes one is forced to improvise.”

  • “What we value most is often closer then we think.”

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Get you copy from: Legend of the Seeker - Legend of the Seeker, Season 1

Listen to “The Confessed” a Legend of the Seeker podcast here.

Get the books: The Sword of Truth, Boxed Set I, Books 1-3: Wizard's First Rule, Blood of the Fold ,Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind

Next Week: 121 Fever

Darken Rahl’s bid to find the three boxes of Orden leads him to capture Richard’s sister, Jennsen, and to infect an entire village with Fire Fever.

Spoiler Alert


  • Art magic: There is a very powerful type of magic introduced in Sanctuary that only artist can perform. What do you think of James’ art magic?

  • If you were Darken Rahl and had the opportunity to get rid of the Seeker but would loose the Book of Counted Shadows would you be willing to take that risk?

  • Richard now has the book of counted shadows and shares with us a prophecy within it: There is only one way to vanquish the master of all. The seeker must wield the power of Ordin. Is Rahl the master of all or is that referring to someone / something else?

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