Review: Dollhouse 112 Omega

Review of:  Dollhouse 112 Omega  Dollhouse - Dollhouse, Season 1

Overall Rating: #10

Alpha's obsession with Echo grows more dangerous.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

Omega is an amazing season finally for Dollhouse.  Joss Whedon succeeded in answering some of the major questions brought up in this first season while putting in many really good hooks leaving me ravenous for a second season!

This episode had a lot of Ballard, Topher, Echo, and Alpha in it.  Alan Tudyk and Amy Acker did such an amazing job acting.  Alan was able to slip from one accent, diction and body language to another as each personality slipped in and out of his character.  Those scenes made up some of the most funny, entertaining, and creepy moments in Omega.

I also enjoyed the issues tackled in Omega:  Nietzsche and his discussion of the super man,  addressing the question of is there a sole, and the general morality of what they are doing at the Dollhouse.

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  • The acting was amazing epically Alan Tudyk  in changing accents

  • There are some really funny parts like when Alpha is told to watch his step.

  • There is a great creepy factor

  • There are some great effects especially the Crazy Alpha scenes and how they did them with the flashing.

  • how they solved the ending with solid detective work and not some deus ex machina type ending.

  • The subtly tense and intense moments that use previous knowledge from throughout the season to build them.

  • How Joss Whedon answeres some of the big questions like is there a soul and who is Alpha.

  • How Joss whedon sets up some great hooks for next season like what is echo evolving into, what will be Alpha’s goal?  What will Ballard do for the Dollhouse?  What is Topher’s issue?

  • Alpha’s spiel about new life from old death.

Dislikes / Concerns

  • None

Favorite Quotes

  • “Do what I say or I will blow your brain out.”

  • “Thats what we need.  A blood ritual.  Yes, yes, we've got to have one of those.  I mean, the Aztecs knew it.  The pre-Hellenic Minoans knew it, for God's sakes.  From the moment man first clawed his way out of the primordial ooze and kicked off his fins, he's understood that the gods require blood.  New life from death.  The ancients had it right.  But the old gods are back.  Alpha... Meet Omega.”

  • “Hell?  I don’t understand Hell”

  • “I understand hell now”

  • “You can't profile Alpha.  He's not a person.  He's... he's like Soylent Green.  He's people.”

  • Ballard:  “This is where you steal their souls.”  Topher:  “Yeah, and then we put 'em in a glass jar with our fireflies.”

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Listen to “Playing In The Dollhouse” a Dollhouse podcast here.

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Spoiler Alert


  • Being your best:  Dr. Saunders learns that it is more than just looking your best, it is more about internally striving for excellence, as a doctor it means treating your whole patient.

  • November:  her real name is Madeline Costley

  • Dr. Saunders:  is now the active designated Whisky.  Was a real Doctor in the Dollhouse but was murdered by Alpha during his escape.

  • Whisky:  a doll who was programmed and introduced to the audience as Dr. Saunders.  She was the first victim of Alpha who cut her with scissors before he had his composite event.  has a lot of computer skills so much that she could hack Topher’s computers.  she know’s she is a doll.

  • Alpha:  Formally known as Carl William Craft.  Was a prisoner for attempted murder of Anita Walsh.  One of his personalities has multiple personality disorder.  48 personalities.  Made his own chair.

  • Souls:  are what a person is at their core.  They can not be wiped away.

  • Echo:  composite consists of 38 personalities.  has a good soul that desires to help those in need.

  • A composite:  a manypersonality situation when many full personalities are downloaded into a persons head.  were not new, were not anybody, were everybody

  • Dollhouse:  does take in prisoners for a 5 year sentence in exchange for a lengthy sentence.  Wedges are the name designation for the drivers that store a personality.

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