Exploring: Angels & Demons

angels-and-demons-theaterposterAngels and Demons is the second movie in the Dan Brown Series based on the book Angels & Demons: A Novel.  In this movie Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon finds himself in Rome, where he has to race against time to prevent the Illuminati, a secret society, from putting in motion a terrorist act that could destroy the Vatican.

the-da-vinci-code-dvdMuch to my surprise I really enjoyed the first movie The Da Vinci Code which gives me a lot of hope for Angels and Demons.  I like alternate history fiction mainly for the what if and for the conversation that good works stirs up.  The Da Vinci Code was great for it got a lot of people thinking and discussing religion from a perspective of discovery and reverence rather then from the usual perspective of esotericism, fear and intolerance.  I hope that Angels and Demons will have the same result at a time when our society needs to pull it's self out of a mid-evil mind set of fear and reaction and wake up to hope awe and splendor.

I will watch this in the theater.  Mainly based on how much I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code and for the conversation that will hopefully be inspired also Tom Hanks can really make a movie good.

Let me know what you think.  Will you go to see Angels and Demons in the theater on May 15, 2009 or rent it?  If you have seen it in the theater should I go see it and why?

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