Review: Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz

masquerade-bookMasquerade is the exciting sequel to Melissa’s Blue Bloods novel. In the first book, fashionable teens from the exclusive Duchesne school learn they are vampires and begin to discover their powers. To read more about the first book, read my review on Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz.

The sequel begins in Italy where one of our favorite Blue Bloods, Schuyler, is trying to find her long lost grandfather. She hopes he will solve the mystery of Silver Bloods that have been preying on teen vamps in New York City. This book starts a little slow and I was disappointed that there was a summary of things that happened right after the first book that we must have missed. However, once Schuyler returns to New York, things really take off. The return of Jack Force as the love interest is interesting and full of romantic tension. Schuyler also starts to fall for her best friend Oliver. When she decides to drink from him, then the real complications begin.

Rather than spoiling this tale by giving away more secrets, I'd like to offer something for you who have not been tempted enough to read it yet. As I read this book it became more apparent to me that it is similar to the Harry Potter series. I don't mean to say it is a copy or that Melissa is borrowing ideas. This is an excellent tale about vampires that have originated from angels, set in a fashionable New York prep school. However, for those of you that are Potter fans, here are some things you can look forward to in this series.

Harry Potter has.... Masquerade has...
Harry Potter Schuyler Van Alen, a half-blood vampire girl born to an ancient vampire family that has fallen on hard times.
Sirius Black Lawrence Van Alen, Schuyler's grandfather who was exiled from the Blue Bloods many years ago.
Lord Voldemort - The Dark Mark
Death Eaters
Silver Bloods, vampires who feed on other vampires and have a symbol on the back of their neck.
Draco Malfoy Popular kid from an old vampire family who once followed the evil path. He likes to show off his powers and play tricks on muggles. Ahem... mortals.
Harry's lessons with Snape to protect against evil magic. Vampire lessons with grandfather to protect Schuyler from Silver Bloods.
Ministry of Magic The Conclave, an underground society that governs the vampires, holds trials, and decides what happens to evil doers.
12 Grimmauld Place
Scary old house that belongs to Sirius Black's family line.
The Van Alen mansion, a dark and closed up house with covers over the furniture, where Schuyler lives.
Harry Potter is left to fend for himself after all the magical adults in his family perish. Schuyler is left to fend for herself after her grandmother dies because her father is dead and mom is in coma.
A library with a forbidden books section. An underground library where a bad kid steals a forbidden book to cast Silver Blood spells.
A final confrontation where only Harry Potter can save the day. A final confrontation where only Schuyler can save the day.

After all those similarities, you'd think this series has nothing new to offer. Yet, the Blue Bloods series is an original look at vampires as a species and is chalk full of American history. So for those of you who like Potter, you may want to give it a try. As an older read, it has more to do with relationships, love, and peer pressure than the Potter series where it seems good and evil are more black and white.

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