"Save Chuck," the Nerd Herd Speaks

I am thrilled to see how many people love Chuck and want to see a third season.  This site has been swamped with hits to our "Save the Nerd" post, and CNN iReport has been flooded with videos like the creative one above.

The response is so overwhelming that CNN has taken notice and is highlighting some of the best.

Chuck: Nerd Herd"Chuck" co-creator Josh Schwartz said he is blown away by the overwhelming support.

It's no surprise, he said, that the nerd herd has utilized social networking to get the word out, because "this show is by geeks, about geeks and for geeks, so who better to know how to adapt to emerging technologies." iReport.com: "Nerd Herd employee" speaks [above]

"The show has been a great gift to work on and we always really believed in it," said Schwartz, who has a hit on his hands with his other show, "Gossip Girl." "What we are trying to do with the show is something that is original and a blend of so many different genres ... and so I think it has the ability to reach a broad spectrum."

Schwartz, his crew and his cast won't know until close to May 5 -- the day of NBC's "upfront" presentation, in which the fall schedule is presented to advertisers -- whether "Chuck" will survive (CNN).

May 5th is D-Day

    Now we know the date, so get your friends to show their support for Chuck, and if you haven't already, contact NBC!